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It all started in the temple...

In the year 495 A.D. the Shaolin Temple was built on Songshan Mountain in China's central Henan province following commission from Emperor Xiaowen who ruled during the Northern Wei Dynasty. Originally, the temple was intended to host the high Indian monk Batou so he could teach Buddhism within China. But it wouldn't be until the year 517 A.D. when the South Indian Buddhist Monk Bodhidharma arrived at Shaolin that things really started to shake up.

According to local legend, Bodhidharma travelled from India and then spent nine years meditating in a cave on Mount Wuru behind the temple, he later went on to found the Chan School of Buddhism (better known in the West as Zen) and introduced a series of health based exercises that were taught to the monks in order to improve their health and keep them focused during the rigors of meditation. These exercises are believed to have been the roots of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu development, one of the oldest and most prolific systems of Kung Fu in all of China.  

Today the Shaolin Temple of China has a history spanning over 1,500 years and is widely respected by people of different cultures all over the world. 


That's a lot of history!

Needless to say, the Temple has had its fair share of ups and downs, but the Shaolin Monks have discovered a thing or two about life along the way... which they like to call Shaolin Chan, a wholistic system of well being with three distinct branches, Zen Philosophy, Martial Arts Skills and Medicine.

So where do you guys fit in? 

The products found in our Shaolin Recovery Line are available thanks to the hard-work of modern day Shaolin Grand Master Zhu Tian Xi (Buddhist name Shi Xingzhen) a 32nd generation Master of Shaolin Chan Philosophy, Kung Fu and Medicine. Master Zhu Tian Xi was born in the year 1947 and studied Kung Fu at an early age with a number of notable teachers. Through his passion for hard work and perhaps a bit of good fate, Zhu Tian Xi went on to become the last official disciple of Shi Degen (1914-1970), a well known Master of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu who taught in the Temple prior to China's Cultural Revolution. 

Yep... we are talking the real deal

Grand Master Zhu Tian Xi (1947-2021) is well known in China's martial arts circles for dedicating his life to the research and promotion of Shaolin Culture. Master Zhu founded the Zhengzhou Martial Arts Institute and Shaolin Medical and Health Care Co, which to date is the only healthcare brand approved by the Shaolin Temple of China. Today, his products are available to the general public in over 100 locations throughout China, and his recipes are still being used by the Shaolin Monks. 

Shaolin Recovery Patch

Here at Shaolin Recovery, we invite you to experience these amazing products and a few extra treasures we've found along the way. On behalf of the Shaolin family, we welcome you to discover a 1000 year legacy of natural healing.

Recover, Grow and Strive. 
Shaolin Recovery.