*New Product* Ancient Temple Herbs

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This new offering from Shaolin Recovery is based on a historical Shaolin Temple Recipe for pain relief. The box artwork features a picture of the Medicine Buddha whose main vow as a bodhisattva was to heal all sentient beings. We are proud to present this product for the first time outside of the Shaolin Temple, a perfect gift item for loved ones. Ten individual patches per box.

Things to Know

- Master blended with over 30 different Chinese herbs, for powerful pain relief and recovery from various forms of soft tissue injury.

- All natural pain relief from arthritis and mild forms of physical trauma including sprains, strains etc. 

- Helps with pain relief and recovery from injuries such as minor and mild forms of body and joint pain. Particularly effective for back pain, strains, sprains, bruising, arthritis as well as general muscle pain due to excessive exercise.

- Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing, do not use on open wounds.