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All-Natural Recovery From the Shaolin Temple

With a history spanning over 1,500 years, the Shaolin Temple of China is known the world over for their contributions in the field of Zen Buddhism, Kung Fu and Natural Healing. With each new generation, the masters of Shaolin Temple passed down their knowledge, benefiting all those seeking the cultivation of health, wisdom and happiness. 

Each product in our Shaolin Recovery line are made from authentic recipes passed down from Masters of the Shaolin Temple, and are the same products used today by Shaolin Warrior monks. We are also the only company to have received an official license from Shi Yong Xin, (Abbott of Shaolin Temple) to promote their all natural medicine. So if you are looking for authenticity, rest assured, you are getting the real deal. 


Female, 35 years old

I went for a 15 kilometre run after work and noticed something was off. My body felt heavy, my legs were wobbling and I had a searing pain in my knee and ankle that was bad I could barely walk home. That night I used the Shaolin Healing Lineament to massage my legs for about a half hour, the soreness was alleviated and my joint pain was reduced by half. The next morning I hardly felt any symptoms and was able to go to work without a problem. Thank you Shaolin Recovery.

Xiong Haiying

Male, 40 years old, July 18, 2019

A friend turned me on to the Shaolin Recovery story when I was looking for products to help alleviate nerve pain near my scapula and shoulder. A shot them an email and decided to buy two bottles of Shaolin Healing Lineament and a few boxes of the Little Healing Patch. After my first application, I saw a reduction in pain… two weeks later, I’m back to normal.

Liu Yun

Male, 22 years old

I was heading out with my girlfriend and slipped badly on the stairs, boom! Ankle sprain. I couldn’t get up and sat on the ground for more than half an hour. The pain was severe and I was covered in a cold sweat. I ended up using a mix of Shaolin Healing Lineament and hot water to soak my foot for 20 minutes. Afterwards, I dried my feet and rubbed more lineament for 15 minutes. The next day, I had no obvious pain and after three days of continuous treatment, my ankle was back to normal.

Wang Xing

Female, 38 years old

I was coming into work and and rolled my ankle. I consulted the Shaolin Recovery store and applied Shaolin Healing Lineament and a Shaolin Recovery Patch. That night the pain was still there, so I continued treatment, the following afternoon I managed to make it to the gym!

Li Ying

Male, 28 years old

Around 8’o clock in the evening, I had a sudden onset of pain in my gums, both sides were on fire, they were swollen and it was unbearable. I decided to apply Shaolin Healing Liniment and massaged the area with the product for about three minutes. During that period, the pain was intensified and my eyes began to well up. Five minutes later, the pain subsided. Some of the pain returned at Eleven o’clock so I used a cotton swab to apply the lineament, the next day my pain disappeared completely. 

Wang Chun Long

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